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CargoAI is the first and only air freight booking web service that uses data and AI technology to provide Forwarders and Airlines alike the best possible rates.

Some of the key features of CargoAI include a dynamic messaging system that allows airlines and forwarders to negotiate in real time, a live bidding system and a shipment quality rating system.

Finally, CargoAI will generate personalized reports based on current market trends, route price history, previous orders, space availability and price.

Founded in 2019 by Matthieu Petot, an experienced entrepreneur with decade-long experience in the logistics industry, CargoAI has been recognised by many existing industry players and featured in industry publication.

CargoAI airfreight in Air Cargo Week

As featured in the 2 March 2020 (No. 1070) Edition of Air Cargo Weekthe weekly newspaper for air cargo professionals.

Winner of the Singapore Air Show 2020 Showcase among more than 40 shortlisted participants and hundreds of applicants (14 February 2020).