Air Freight Pricing Index (AFPI)

Uses artificial intelligence to present air freight rates, prices and trends, and daily updates to customers that are subscribed.

Quality Tracking

We use feedback & active learning to determine the quality of potential clients. Thus, you can be confident that transactions will run smoothly and be on time.


Our unique peer to peer messaging platform ensures your next business transaction is one text or phone call away.

Independent Platform

We do not comply with airline shareholders or have preferred partners. Rest assured knowing that your data is secure.

Choose The Perfect Platform

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Pricing Controls
Airline Scheduling
Adhoc Requests
eBooking Preferred Partners 4 Airlines Preferred Partners Preferred Partners In Progress
Bid Capacity Multiple Airlines
Negotiation Comparison Tab Drop-down Menu
Quality Tracking Success Rate Delivery Metrics
Contacts for All Industries Preferred Partners Preferred Partners Preferred Partners Preferred Partners Expanding List
Air Freight Pricing Index (AFPI)
Quote Summary
Machine Learning Basic Learning Advanced Learning
Advanced Analytics
Savings Analytics
Quality Tracking Feedback & Active Learning
Additional Features
Setup Time 12 Weeks 12 Weeks 12 Weeks 12 Weeks Begin Immediately

Frequently asked questions

CargoAI is an online CRM platform with eBooking and negotiation features that aims to connect forwarders and airlines in a shared marketplace. 

CargoAI offers free features for both forwarders and airlines. See our pricing page for more information. 

CargoAI is an independent platform with no preferred partners, which allows us to provide a broad selection of forwarder and airline rates in our marketplace without bias towards particular clients. Dynamic messaging also ensures that business transactions are made seamless and easy.

In addition, CargoAI also incorporates machine learning to provide an Air Freight Pricing Index (see above for more information) and advanced analytics for our customers.

The founder of CargoAI worked closely within the forwarder industry prior to this opportunity. He saw significant room for improvement in regards to communication and booking between forwarders and airlines.

We expect to hire additional members to our team at the beginning of January in 2020. Contact us for more information.