Easier. Faster. Necessary.

  • Increase your sales with CargoAI.
  • Our CRM platform will help airlines maintain relationships with forwarders and expand their networks.
  • Using AI technology, CargoAI will create custom reports to help airlines organize and understand their data.
  • Easy tool to manage and store negotiated rate


Customer Management 

  • Customer Reports
  • Contact Management 

Opportunity Management Reporting 

  • Opportunity on increasing tonnage, increasing revenue, increasing marketshare etc…

Marketing Automation 

  • Send and Track emails 
  • Marketing templates 
  • Personalized email  

Downloadable Data 

  • Upload your data file and we will organize it for you 
  • Download the data on our server for personal use
  • Upload personal marketing materials (emails, photos, files)

Instant Messaging

  • Instantly connect to forwarders for seamless and easy booking and negotiations.
  • Less phone and less email means less stress and easier communication.
  • Make life easier by having all of your conversations and conversation history located in one place.
  • Freely communicate with forwarders in CargoAI’s messaging portal.
  • Instantly accept or decline bookings with a click of a button. 
  • Immediate access to all the forwarders fo your country 


Connect your API to our server and get the perk of instant Ebookings. 

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