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Our mission is to connect freight forwarders and airlines in an efficient and fully digital way.

CargoAI is an artificial intelligence-enabled freight management platform that provides real time data over 100+ airlines worldwide.

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CargoAI Features

Find the best price

Save time and money. CargoAI is the only platform that gives forwarders access all airlines to view, book and bid on flights.

Advanced Analytics

Your report is based on current market trends, route price history, your personal previous orders, space availability and price.

Dynamic Messaging

Airlines and forwarders can negotiate in real time through our messaging portal.

Our Products

Live Flight Schedule Search

Immediate Access to over 100+ Airlines

Don’t miss on options for your shipments with our updated schedules in real time using our proprietary search AI engine.

AI Powered Search

Filter different attributes relevant for your business to find the most suitable option. Results are Improved every search with AI.

Transparent results

As an independent platform, our search results are based on meeting your needs.


Bid for the Best Price with over 100+ Airlines

Easily request quotes for ad-hoc shipments placing bids on different airlines to ensure you get the best rate.

Smart procurement process

We use advanced analytics and machine learning to improve procurement process.

Keep track of your transactions

All transactions are executed online saving the history of all your interactions with the airlines.


Save time

Immediate booking for your cargo means less time on the phone and better service for your customers.

Round the clock service

With e-booking there is no need to wait for the call to be answered or the email reply, just book and have confirmation within seconds.

Connect directly to the Airline

With seamless connection ensure space with your booking directly into the airline system.


Track and Trace

Know where your shipments are

Information is power, and with us you will know all about your shipment status.


We factor in expected delays on the estimated arrival time, so you can commit with greater certainty.

Learn from experience

We’ll keep track of events so you make informed decisions on your next shipments.


Get the most out of CargoAI reporting tool

Advance Analytics

The dashboard will give both general and personalized reports generated by artificial intelligence.


The news will display stories that are relevant to the individual forwarder.

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