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The smarter way to book your cargo shipments

CargoAI is the first and only airfreight booking AI-enabled platform that connect every airlines and freight forwarders. From booking to bidding, allotment and ad hoc; CargoAI can do it all. Customized price recommendations based on your own personal protected data profile sets us apart and makes your business go digital. And by the way, We get you the best prices. Period. 

Find the best price

Save time and money. CargoAI is the only platform that gives forwarders access all airlines to view, book and bid on flights. This allows for fair and equitable competition so that airlines and forwarders both can get the best price on the market. Search smarter not harder. 

Advanced Analytics

Your report is based on current market trends, route price history, your personal previous orders, space availability and price. This data culminates into a report contained your current status, recommendations and how you compare to your competition.  

Dynamic Messaging

Airlines and forwarders can negotiate in real time through our messaging portal. In this portal you can accept, reject, negotiate and rate the quality of your shipment. All of this information goes towards building your profile, meaning that more you use it the easier it becomes to book. 

Optimize your Buying Process


Instantly Search

  • Search better with three distinct options. Whether your shipment is adhoc, allotment or if you want to negotiate rates for the season- it is all in one place in CargoAI. 
  • The results page is dynamic and constantly evolving to better bit a forwarders search.  


Bid for the Best Price


  • Place multiple bids at once on a variety of airlines and routes. 
  • Organize bids based on quality rating and response time. Both airlines and forwarders can organize their bids in their bid status based on the urgency of the response. 
  • Machine learning can suggest bids based on the current trends and previous bids placed
  • Easy tool to manage and store negotiated rate

Filter on Quality


  • Transparency is the principle feature of the results so you’ll not only see the time, duration and price of a route but the response rating, quality rating and the estimated delay.
  • Filter not only in your search but organize your placed bids by quality as well. 






Track and Trace

  • Track your shipment from its bid status to when it is actually in route on the flight. See its progress hour by hour, when it stops and when it takes off. 
  • Estimated delays are factored into the estimated time of arrival. When your shipment is due to arrive you can report if it was delayed or damaged and you’ll know next time you book a shipment. 




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 Advanced Analytics 

  • The dashboard will give both general and personalized reports generated by artificial intelligence. 
  • The reports provide data as well as suggestions for improvement. 
  • The reports can feature suggestions such as where the best savings opportunities are.


  •  The news will display stories that are relevant to the individual forwarder while performance reports are drawn from personal bookings and the current market. 



Instant Messaging


  • Instant communication between forwarders and airlines to make the fastest and easiest booking online freight booking process. 
  •  Don’t have to use phone and email 
  •  Don’t have to rely on Weechat or Whatsapp for international communication 

It’s as easy just yes or no. 

  • As a forwarder if you want to book with that airline you just continue to booking. 
  • As an airline if you have room on the flight you just have to click accept or reject. 
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